Translation of "roof" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /ruːf/ us /ruf, rʊf/

A2 the surface that covers the top of a building or vehicle

He climbed onto the roof.

(Translation of “roof” from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)


noun /ruːf/

the top covering of a building etc

a flat roof
a tiled roof
the roof of a car.
roofing noun

material that is used for building or repairing roofs

(also adjective) roofing tiles.

the process of building or repairing roofs

Construcción de Techos
(also adjective) a roofing company..
roof rack noun

(British ) a metal frame fixed to the roof of a car and used for carrying large objects such as bags and cases; baggage rack(American)

roof top noun

the upper surface of a roof

Our hotel room had a view over the rooftops of Paris.
go through the roof / hit the roof

to become very angry

subirse por las paredes
She hit the roof when he forgot their wedding anniversary.
roof of the mouth noun

the upper part of the mouth.


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