Translation of "rupture" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /ˈrʌp.tʃər/ us /-tʃɚ/

to (cause something to) explode, break, or tear

His appendix ruptured and he had to be rushed to hospital.
figurative This news has ruptured (= violently ended) the delicate peace between the rival groups.
rupture yourself

If you rupture yourself, you break apart the wall of muscle that keeps your stomach and your bowels in place, usually by lifting something too heavy.

noun uk /ˈrʌp.tʃər/ us /-tʃɚ/

an occasion when something explodes, breaks, or tears

a rupture of the pipeline
figurative a rupture (= an end to a friendly relationship) between the families

a medical condition in which the wall of muscle holding the stomach and bowels in place inside the body is broken apart

You’re going to give yourself a rupture if you lift that.
→ Synonym hernia

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noun /ˈraptʃə/

a tearing or breaking

ruptura, quebradura; hernia
a rupture of the spleen.

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