Translation of "shaft" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /ʃɑːft/ us /ʃæft/

a pole or rod that forms the handle of a tool or weapon

asta, mango
the shaft of a golf club

a rod forming part of a machine such as an engine, that turns in order to pass power on to the machine

the drive shaft of a car
the propeller shaft of an aircraft
→ See also crankshaft
shaft of light

a beam of light

rayo de luz
A shaft of (sun)light came through the open door.

a long, either vertical or sloping, passage through a building or through the ground

hueco, pozo
a liftelevator shaft
a ventilation/air shaft
a well shaft

literary a clever remark, especially one that is intended as an attack on someone or something

saeta, agudeza
John came out with an unexpected shaft of wit/wisdom.
verb uk /ʃɑːft/ us /ʃæft/ informal

to cheat or trick someone, or to treat someone unfairly

She was shafted by her agent over the film rights to her book.

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noun /ʃaːft/

the long straight part or handle of a tool, weapon etc

the shaft of a golf club.

one of two poles on a cart etc to which a horse etc is harnessed

The horse stood patiently between the shafts.

a revolving bar transmitting motion in an engine

the driving shaft.

a long, narrow space, made for eg a lift in a building

hueco, pozo
a liftshaft
a mineshaft.

a ray of light

a shaft of sunlight.

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