Translation of "style" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /staɪl/ us /stɑɪl/

B1 a way of doing something that is typical of a particular person, group, place, or period

a style of painting

B1 a way of designing hair, clothes, furniture, etc.

She had her hair cut in a really nice style.

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noun /stail/

a manner or way of doing something, eg writing, speaking, painting, building etc

different styles of architecture
What kind of style are you going to have your hair cut in?
a new hairstyle.

a fashion in clothes etc

the latest Paris styles
I don’t like the new style of shoe.

elegance in dress, behaviour/behavior etc

estilo, clase, elegancia
She certainly has style.

(biology) a long narrow part of a flower that carries the stigma

The style leads down to the ovary that contains the ovules.
stylish adjective

elegant or fashionable

con estilo, elegante; a la moda
stylish clothes/furniture.
stylishly adverb

con estilo, elegantemente; a la moda
She was stylishly dressed.
stylishness noun

estilo, elegancia
stylist noun

a person who arranges or designs a style especially in hairdressing

estilista, peluquero
a hair-stylist.
in style

in a luxurious, elegant way without worrying about the expense

con todo lujo, con pompa
The bride arrived at the church in style, in a horse-drawn carriage.

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