Translation of "them" - English-Spanish dictionary


pronoun uk strong /ðem/ us /ðem/ weak /ðəm/ us /ðem/

A1 the group of people, animals, or things that have already been talked about

ellos, ellas, los, las, les, a ellos, a ellas
I’m looking for my keys – have you seen them?

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pronoun /ðəm, ðem/

(used as the object of verb or preposition)

people, animals, things etc already spoken about, being pointed out etc

los, las (complemento directo); les (complemento indirecto); ellos, ellas (con preposición)
Let’s invite them to dinner
What will you do with them?

used instead of him, him or her etc where a person of unknown sex or people of both sexes are referred to

le, la
If anyone touches that, I’ll hit them.
themselves pronoun

used as the object of a verb or preposition when people, animals etc are the object of actions they perform

se, sí mismos; se, sí mismas
They hurt themselves
They looked at themselves in the mirror.

used to emphasize they, them or the names of people, animals etc

ellos mismos; ellas mismas
They themselves did nothing wrong.

without help etc

ellos mismos, ellos solos; ellas mismas, ellos mismos
They decided to do it themselves.

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