Translation of "toilet" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /ˈtɔɪ·lət/ us /ˈtɔɪ·lɪt/

A1 a bowl that you sit on or stand near when you get rid of waste substances from your body

wáter, inodoro

A2 UK US bathroom a room with a toilet in it

wáter, aseo
go to the toilet

A2 UK US go to the bathroom to use the toilet

ir al servicio/váter
I need to go to the toilet.

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noun /ˈtoilit/

(a room containing) a receptacle for the body’s waste matter, usually with a supply of water for washing this away; a lavatory

lavabo, servicios
Do you want to go to the toilet?
Where is the ladies’ toilet?
( also adjective) a toilet seat.
toiletries noun plural

things that you use for washing and cleaning yourself such as soap and toothpaste.

Artículos de Aseo
You’d better toe the line if you want to keep your job.
toilet bag noun

( British) a small bag for carrying the things you need to wash with such as soap and a toothbrush.

Bolsa de Aseo
toilet paper noun

paper for use in a toilet

papel higiénico
a roll of toilet paper.
toilet roll noun

a roll of toilet-paper.

rollo de papel higiénico
toilet water noun

a type of perfumed liquid for the skin.

agua de colonia

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