Translation of "tough" - English-Spanish dictionary


adjective uk /tʌf/ us /tʌf/


Starting a new job can be tough.

strong and not afraid of violence

a tough guy

describes food that is difficult to cut or eat

This steak is very tough.

not easily damaged, cut, etc.

resistente, fuerte
Children’s shoes have to be tough.
toughness noun [ no plural ] /ˈtʌf·nəs/ us /ˈtʌf·nəs/

dureza, resistencia

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adjective /taf/

strong; not easily broken, worn out etc

resistente, fuerte
Plastic is a tough material.

(of food etc) difficult to chew

The meat is unpleasantly tough and chewy.

(of people) strong; able to bear hardship, illness etc

fuerte, resistente
She must be tough to have survived such a serious illness.

rough and violent

violento; conflictivo
It’s a tough neighbourhood.

difficult to deal with or overcome

a tough problem
The competition was really tough.
toughness noun

dureza; fortaleza, resistencia; carácter violento
the toughness of the meat.
toughen verb

to make or become tough

endurecer(se), fortalecer(se)
The bill significantly toughens the law.
tough luck noun

bad luck

mala suerte
That was tough luck.
get tough with (someone)

to deal forcefully with or refuse to yield to (a person)

ponerse duro con
When he started to argue, I got tough with him.

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