Translation of "wind" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb /waind/ (past tense, past participle wound /waund/)

to wrap round in coils

He wound the rope around his waist and began to climb.

to make into a ball or coil

enrollar, ovillar
She wound the wool into a ball.

(of a road etc) to twist and turn

serpentear, zizaguear
The road winds up the mountain.

to tighten the spring of (a clock, watch etc ) by turning a knob, handle etc

dar cuerda
I forgot to wind my watch.
winder noun

a lever or instrument for winding, on a clock or other mechanism.

winding adjective

full of bends etc

a winding road.
wind up phrasal verb

to turn, twist or coil; to make into a ball or coil

My ball of wool has unravelled – could you wind it up again?

to wind a clock, watch etc

dar cuerda
She wound up the clock.

to end

I think it’s time to wind the meeting up.
be/get wound up

to be, or get, in a very excited or anxious state

poner nervioso
He got really wound up when he couldn’t find his keys.

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