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"accommodation" in British English

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uk /əˌkɒm.əˈdeɪ.ʃən/ us /əˌkɑː.məˈdeɪ.ʃən/

accommodation noun (PLACE TO LIVE)

B1 [ U ] mainly UK a place to live, work, stay, etc. in:

There's a shortage of cheap accommodation (= places to live).
We have first and second class accommodation (= seats) on this flight.
accommodations [ plural ] US

a place to live or stay, especially on holiday or for students at college:

They paid for his flights and hotel accommodations.
The cost of student accommodations is rising steadily.

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accommodation noun (ARRANGEMENT)

[ C or U ] formal an agreement between two groups who have different opinions on a subject, or the process of reaching an agreement like this:

She may be able to reach an accommodation with other EU members on the question of immigration.
accommodations [ plural ] US

special arrangements that are made for a person or group that has different needs to others:

We must address the issue of accommodations for gifted students.

accommodation noun (OF EYE)

specialized anatomy the process by which an eye is able to focus (= see clearly) by changing the shape of the lens

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"accommodation" in Business English

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uk /əˌkɒməˈdeɪʃən/

[ U ] UK US accommodations [ plural ] PROPERTY a place in which to live, work, stay, etc.:

The cost, including flights, accommodation, and meals, was €100,000.
temporary accommodation
luxury accommodations.

[ C or U ] a satisfactory arrangement between people who disagree about something:

come to/find/reach an accommodation I thought we could come to an accommodation about what is a reasonable use of the site, but all we heard was "No, I don't negotiate".

[ S ] mainly US FINANCE a loan that is made temporarily to someone who needs money quickly, in order to give them time to make a formal arrangement for a loan

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