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advertisementnoun [ C ]

uk /ədˈvɜː.tɪs.mənt/ us /ˈæd.vɝː.taɪz.mənt/

A2 informal ad, UK also informal advert a picture, short film, song, etc. that tries to persuade people to buy a product or service, or a piece of text that tells people about a job, etc.:

a television/newspaper advertisement for a new car
She scanned the job/property advertisements in the paper.
be an advertisement for sth

If you are an advertisement for something, you show its good effects:

I'm afraid I'm not a very good advertisement for the diet since I've actually put on weight!

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"advertisement" in American English

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advertisementnoun [ C ]

us /ˌæd·vərˈtɑɪz·mənt, ədˈvɜr·t̬əz·mənt/ short form ad

a paid notice that tells people about a product or service:

I saw an advertisement for the job in yesterday’s paper.

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"advertisement" in Business English

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advertisementnoun [ C ]

uk /ədˈvɜːtɪsmənt/ us /ˌædvərˈtaɪzmənt/ also commercial, UK also advert, informal ad

MARKETING a picture, sign, etc. that is used to make a product or service known and persuade people to buy it:

an advertisement for sth Her first modelling job was in an advertisement for baked beans.
place/put an advertisement somewhere They have started to place advertisements in popular magazines.
run an advertisement Like other blogs, his sites run advertisements for debt-reduction services.
an advertisement features/shows sth The advertisement features a father reading a bedtime story to his young daughter.
a television/newspaper/internet, etc. advertisement
A full-page advertisement costs £600 in her publication.

also job advertisement WORKPLACE, HR a short piece of writing, for example in a newspaper or on the internet, that advertises a job with a particular company or organization:

an advertisement for sth He spotted a job advertisement for a reporter on a current affairs TV program.
place/run an advertisement The second option was to place an advertisement of the vacancy.
reply to/respond to/answer an advertisement When you answer an advertisement, look for words that ask directly about your skills and experience.

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