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"cheque" in British English

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chequenoun [ C ]

UK US check uk /tʃek/ us /tʃek/

A2 a printed form, used instead of money, to make payments from your bank account:

I wrote him a cheque for £50.
I don't have any cash on me, so could I pay with a/by cheque?
Who should I make out this cheque to? (= Whose name should I write on it?)
Please make your cheques payable to The Brighter Toyshop Ltd (= write this name on them).

More examples

  • It usually takes four to five working days for a cheque to clear.
  • Please find enclosed a cheque in settlement of your invoice.
  • A customer had tried to pass off a dud cheque .
  • I made a cheque out for £20 to 'Henry's Supermarket'.
  • When she got her first salary cheque, she indulged in an orgy of spending.

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"cheque" in American English

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chequenoun [ C ]

us /tʃek/ Cdn Br


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"cheque" in Business English

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chequenoun [ C ]

UK US check uk /tʃek/ us

BANKING a printed form that you can write an amount of money on and sign in order to make a payment from your bank account:

write (sb) a cheque (for sth) I wrote him a cheque for £50.
make out a cheque to sb Who should I make out this cheque to?
Please make your cheque payable to S Jones.
pay by cheque It is becoming increasingly unusual for people to pay by cheque.
accept/take cheques From next year this store will no longer take cheques.
stop a cheque If you suspect fraud, contact your bank and ask them to stop the cheque and ensure that it is not paid.
a cheque bounces/is bounced

if a cheque bounces, or is bounced, the bank refuses to pay it because there is not enough money in the account:

The bank had bounced my cheque because some of the funds in the account had not cleared in time.
cash a cheque

to exchange a cheque for cash:

I'm sorry, but we are not able to cash cheques.
a cheque clears/is cleared

if a cheque clears, or a bank clears it, money is made available because it has been successfully paid from one account to another:

You will not be able to withdraw funds until the bank has cleared your cheque.

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