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"convenient" in British English

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uk /kənˈviː.ni.ənt/ us /kənˈviː.ni.ənt/

B1 suitable for your purposes and needs and causing the least difficulty:

Our local shop has very convenient opening hours.
A bike's a very convenient way of getting around.
[ + that ] It's very convenient that you live near the office.
[ + to infinitive ] I find it convenient to be able to do my banking online.
What time would it be convenient for me to come over?

B1 near or easy to get to or use:

a very convenient bus service
Our new house is very convenient for (= near to) the kids' school.

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adverb uk /kənˈviː.ni.ə us /kənˈviː.ni.ə



The house is conveniently situated near the station and the shops.
humorous I asked her to clean up the kitchen but of course she conveniently forgot (= she forgot because she did not want to do it).

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"convenient" in American English

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us /kənˈvin·jənt/

suitable for your purposes and causing no difficulty for your schedule or plans:

Would 3 o’clock be a convenient time to meet?
I shop here because it’s convenient.

Convenient can also mean helpful to you but not completely honest:

Both men suffered convenient lapses of memory while testifying.
adverb us /kənˈvin·jənt·li/

Our house is conveniently located near the station.

(Definition of “convenient” from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)