Meaning of "just" in Essential American English Dictionary


adverb us /dʒʌst/

A2 a very short time ago:

I just saw him.
We’ve only just begun.

A2 now or very soon:

The game is just beginning.
I’m just coming!

B1 only:

I’ll just have a small piece.
He just wants to win.
The movie is not just about love.

B1 used to make something you are saying strong:

I just hate it!

B1 almost not:

This dress only just fits.

B1 exactly:

Tim looks just like his father.
just about

B1 almost:

I think I remembered just about everything.
be just about to do something

B1 to be going to do something very soon:

I was just about to call you.
just as bad, good, important, etc. (as someone/something)

B1 equally bad, good, important, etc.:

He’s just as smart as his brother.
Your attitude is just as important as your skill.
just before, over, under, etc.

B1 a little before, over, under, etc. something else:

It costs just under $10.
it’s just as well

used to say that it is lucky that something happened:

It’s just as well that we brought an umbrella.

(Definition of “just adverb” from the Webster's Essential Mini Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)