Meaning of "play" in Essential American English Dictionary


verb us /pleɪ/

A1 When you play a sport or game, you compete or are involved in it:

Sam plays tennis every weekend.
We often used to play cards.

A1 When children play, they enjoy themselves with toys and games:

She likes to play with her dolls.

A2 to make music with a musical instrument:

Tim was playing the piano.

A2 to make a CD, DVD, etc. produce sounds or pictures:

Can you play that song again?

B1 to be a character in a movie or play:

Who played Darth Vader in Star Wars?

B1 to compete against a person or team in a game:

Who is playing in the championship?
play a joke/trick on someone

to make someone believe something that is not true as a joke:

The class played a trick on the teacher.

(Definition of “play verb” from the Webster's Essential Mini Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)