Meaning of "around" in Essential English Dictionary


adverb, preposition uk /əˈraʊnd/

A2 on all sides of something:

They sat around the table.

A2 in a circular movement:

This switch makes the wheels turn around.

A2 to or in different parts of a place:

I spent a year travelling around Asia.

A2 here, or near this place:

Is there a supermarket around here?
Will you be around next week?

A2 used before a number or amount to meanclose to, but not exactly’:

They will arrive around four o’clock.

B1 from one place or person to another:

Could you pass these forms around, please?

B1 to the opposite direction:

He turned around and looked at her.

to someone’s home:

Wendy’s coming around this afternoon.

(Definition of “around” from the Cambridge Essential Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)