Meaning of "come" in Essential English Dictionary


verb uk /kʌm/ coming, came, come

A1 to move or travel toward a person who is speaking:

Come here.
Can you come to my party?
Here comes Adam (= Adam is coming).

A1 to arrive somewhere:

I’ve come to see Mr Curtis.
Has the paper come yet?

A1 to go somewhere with the person who is speaking:

Come with us later.

A2 to be available to buy in a particular colour, size, etc.:

Do these socks come in any other colour?

B1 to have a particular position in a competition or list:

Our team came third.

to happen:

Spring has come early this year.
come apart/off

to become separated or removed from something:

The book came apart in my hands.
The handle came off.
how come

used to ask why something has happened:

How come you didn’t go to the party?

(Definition of “come” from the Cambridge Essential Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)