Meaning of "once" in Essential English Dictionary


adverb uk /wʌns/

A2 one time:

It only snowed once or twice this year.
I go swimming once a week (= one time every week).

B1 in the past, but not now:

This house once belonged to my grandfather.
at once

B1 immediately:

I knew at once that I would like it here.
at once

at the same time:

They all started talking at once.
once more

B1 one more time:

If you say that once more, I’m going to leave.
once upon a time

B1 used at the beginning of a children’s story to mean that something happened a long time ago

once again

B1 again:

I’ll explain it once again.
for once

used to mean that something is happening that does not usually happen:

For once, I think I have good news for him.

(Definition of “once adverb” from the Cambridge Essential Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)