Meaning of "part" in Essential English Dictionary


noun uk /pɑːt/

A1 one of the things that, with other things, makes the whole of something:

Part of this form seems to be missing.
That’s only part of the problem.
You’re part of the family.
part of something

A2 some but not all of a thing:

Kate spent part of the day shopping.

B1 a person in a movie or play:

He plays / the part of the father.
take part (in something)

B1 to do an activity with other people:

She doesn’t usually take part in any class activities.

a piece of a machine or vehicle:

car parts
have/play a part in something

to be one of the people or things that are involved in an event or situation:

We can all play a part in making our city a better place to live.

a line on someone’s head made by brushing the hair in two different directions:

She parts her hair on the side.

(Definition of “part” from the Cambridge Essential Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)