Meaning of “above” - Learner’s Dictionary


adverb, preposition us uk /əˈbʌv/
Extra Examples
We flew high above the city.Stretch your arms above your head.There was a flag flying above the castle.Birds circled above the trees.The bridge rose almost 600 feet above the water.

A1 in or to a higher position than something else:

There's a mirror above the washbasin.
I could hear music coming from the room above.

A2 more than an amount or level:

It says on the box it's for children aged three and above.
Rates of pay are above average.

in a more important or advanced position than someone else:

Sally's a grade above me.

too good or important for something:

No one is above suspicion in this matter.
above all

B1 most importantly:

Above all, I'd like to thank everyone.

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