Meaning of “answer” - Learner’s Dictionary


verb us uk /ˈɑːnsər/
Extra Examples
Let me answer that question directly.He was under no obligation to answer any questions.Candidates must answer two questions from each paper.I leapt up to answer the phone.He refused to answer my question.
WORDS [ I, T ]

A1 to speak or write back to someone who has asked you a question or spoken to you:

I asked when she was leaving but she didn't answer.
You still haven't answered my question.
I must answer his letter.
DOOR [ I, T ]

to open the door when someone has knocked on it or rung a bell:

I knocked several times but no one answered.

A2 to pick up the telephone receiver (= part that you hold to your ear) when it rings:

Could someone answer the phone?
TEST [ T ]

B1 to write or say something as a reply to a question in a test or competition

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