Meaning of “appear” - Learner’s Dictionary


verb [ I ] us uk /əˈpɪər/
Extra Examples
She appeared happy enough.On the surface he appears quite pleasant.He appeared unconcerned by all the noise.He appeared quite happy with the situation.She appeared relaxed and in control of the situation.

B1 to seem to be a particular thing or have a particular quality:

He appeared calm and relaxed.
She appeared to be crying.
[ + (that) ] It appears that we were wrong about him.

B1 to start to be seen:

He suddenly appeared in the doorway.
Then a bright light appeared in the sky.
→ Opposite disappear

B2 to start to exist or become available:

Laptop computers first appeared in the 1990s.
The story appeared in all the major newspapers.
appear in/at/on, etc

B1 to perform in a film, play, etc, or be seen in public:

She appears briefly in the new Bond movie.
The Princess hasn't appeared in public since her divorce was announced.

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