Meaning of “appear” - Learner’s Dictionary


verb [ I ] us uk /əˈpɪər/

B1 to seem to be a particular thing or have a particular quality:

He appeared calm and relaxed.
She appeared to be crying.
[ + (that) ] It appears that we were wrong about him.

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B1 to start to be seen:

He suddenly appeared in the doorway.
Then a bright light appeared in the sky.
→ Opposite disappear

B2 to start to exist or become available:

Laptop computers first appeared in the 1990s.
The story appeared in all the major newspapers.
appear in/at/on, etc

B1 to perform in a film, play, etc, or be seen in public:

She appears briefly in the new Bond movie.
The Princess hasn't appeared in public since her divorce was announced.

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