Meaning of “centre” - Learner’s Dictionary


noun UK US center us uk /ˈsentər/
Extra Examples
Try to avoid the city centre.His office is in the centre of town.They rowed out to an island in the centre of the lake.Make a fold across the centre of the card.There was a large table in the centre of the room.

A2 the middle point or part of something:

She stood in the centre of the room.
Cars are not allowed in the town centre.

A2 a place or a building used for a particular activity:

a health/advice centre
a centre for the homeless

a place where a lot of a particular activity or business takes place:

an industrial centre
POLITICAL [ no plural ] also the centre

a political position with opinions that are not extreme:

His political views are left of centre.
be the centre of attention

to receive more attention than anyone or anything else

→ See also community centre , garden centre , shopping centre

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