Meaning of “cover” - Learner’s Dictionary


verb [ T ] us uk /ˈkʌvər/
Extra Examples
They covered their bodies with mud.My black skirt was covered in cat hairs.The shelf was covered in a thick layer of dust.It was covered in a very sweet chocolate sauce.A thick film of dust covered the furniture.

A2 to put something over something else, in order to protect or hide it:

They covered him with a blanket.
He covered his face with his hands.
→ Opposite uncover

B1 to form a layer on the surface of something:

Snow covered the trees.
My legs were covered in/with mud.

B2 to travel a particular distance:

We covered 700 kilometres in four days.

B2 to be a particular size or area:

The town covers an area of 10 square miles.

B1 to include or deal with a subject or piece of information:

The book covers European history from 1789-1914.

B2 to report on an event for a newspaper, television programme, etc:

Dave was asked to cover the Olympics.

to be enough money to pay for something:

100 euros should cover the cost of the repairs.

to provide financial protection if something bad happens:

You need travel insurance that covers accident and injury.
→ See also touch/cover all the bases

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