Meaning of “deliver” - Learner’s Dictionary


verb us uk /dɪˈlɪvər/
Extra Examples
The letter was delivered by hand.Helicopters have been delivering food and medical aid to the refugees.The documents were delivered through the post.The package was delivered to his house.The goods were delivered to the wrong place.
TAKE [ I, T ]

B1 to take things such as letters, parcels, or goods to a person or place:

They can deliver the sofa on Wednesday.

to achieve or do something that you have promised to do, or that people expect you to do:

The company failed to deliver the high quality service that we expect.
deliver a speech/talk, etc

B2 to speak formally to a group of people:

She delivered the speech on national TV.
deliver a baby

to help take a baby out of its mother when it is being born

→ See also deliver/come up with the goods

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