Meaning of “direction” - Learner’s Dictionary


noun us uk /dɪˈrekʃən/
Extra Examples
Are we going in the right direction?We continued in a southerly direction.The car was going in the opposite direction.His walk was aimless; he kept changing direction.Sirens came from every direction.
WAY [ C ]

B1 the way that someone or something is going or facing:

The car sped away in the direction of the airport.
I think we're going in the wrong direction.
in sb's direction

B2 towards someone:

She keeps looking in my direction.

the way that someone or something changes or develops:

Our careers have gone in very different directions.

control or instructions:

Under his direction the company has doubled its profits.

the ability to know what you want to do:

According to his teachers, he lacks direction.

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