Meaning of “expect” - Learner’s Dictionary


verb us uk /ɪkˈspekt/
Extra Examples
He's the last person you'd expect to see at an aerobics class.The sales figures were better than expected.Temperatures are expected to fall from 15°C to 9°C.She wasn't expecting to give a speech.I didn't expect to see you here.

B1 to think that something will happen:

[ + to do sth ] He didn't expect to see me.
[ + (that) ] I expect that she'll be very angry about this.
be expecting sb/sth

B1 to be waiting for someone or something to arrive:

We've been expecting you.
I'm expecting a letter from my sister.

B2 to think that someone should behave in a particular way or do a particular thing:

I expect punctuality from my students.
[ + to do sth ] You will be expected to work some weekends.
I expect mainly UK informal

B2 used to show that you think that something is likely to be true:

I expect Isabel's told you about me?
"Will you be coming to the party?" "I expect so."
be expecting

B2 to be going to have a baby:

I'm expecting my first baby in May.

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