Meaning of “fail” - Learner’s Dictionary


verb us uk /feɪl/
Extra Examples
It is arguable that the government has failed in this respect.The sad truth is that we've failed.I tried to cheer her up, but failed dismally.Each of these efforts has failed.He failed in his bid to become President.

B2 to not be successful:

Dad's business failed after just three years.
She keeps failing in her attempt to lose weight.
fail to do sth

B2 to not do what is necessary or expected:

John failed to turn up for football practice yesterday.
EXAM [ I, T ]

A2 to not pass a test or an exam, or to decide that someone has not passed:

I'm worried about failing my driving test.

B2 to stop working normally, or to become weaker:

Two of the plane's engines had failed.
My eyesight's beginning to fail.

to stop being helpful or useful to someone when they need you:

The government is failing the poor and unemployed.
I fail to see/understand

used to show that you do not accept something:

[ + question word ] I fail to see why you cannot work on a Sunday.

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