Meaning of “fault” - Learner’s Dictionary


noun us uk /fɔːlt/
Extra Examples
It's not my fault.She won't mind if you're late - besides, it's not your fault.Tom, I'm so sorry about last night - it was all my fault.Admittedly I was partly to blame but it wasn't all my fault.This is in no way your fault.
sb's fault

B1 If something bad that has happened is someone's fault, they are responsible for it:

She believes it was the doctor's fault that Peter died.
at fault

B2 responsible for something bad that has happened:

I was at fault and I would like to apologize.

B2 [ C ] something that is wrong with something or with someone's character:

The car has a serious design fault.
One of his faults is that he's a bad loser.
find fault with sb/sth

to criticize someone or something, especially without good reasons

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