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noun us uk /faɪl/
Extra Examples
The report mysteriously vanished from the files.Patients can ask the doctor if they want to see their own medical file.Police keep files on known criminals.The files show that social workers had become worried by his behaviour.I note from your file that you have suffered from back problems before.

A2 a piece of text, a picture, or a computer program stored on a computer:

Do you want to download all these files?

A2 a collection of information and documents about someone or something:

The school keeps files on all its pupils.

a box or folded piece of thick paper used to put documents in:

He keeps all his bank statements in a file.
on file

If information is on file, it is recorded and stored somewhere:

The police have kept all the details on file.
TOOL [ C ]

a small tool with a rough edge that is used to make a surface smooth:

a nail file
in single file

in a line with one person following the other

→ See also the rank and file

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