Meaning of “for” - Learner’s Dictionary


preposition us uk strong /fɔːr/ weak /r/
Extra Examples
Here's a present for you.She works in a hostel for homeless people.The book is for children aged 4 to 6.What are these for?I keep some brandy for medicinal purposes.

A1 intended to be given to or used by someone or something:

I've bought a few clothes for the new baby.
We need some curtains for the spare bedroom.
parking for residents only

A2 having a particular purpose:

a cream for dry skin
What are those large scissors for?

A2 because of or as a result of something:

[ + doing sth ] I got fined for travelling without a ticket.
Scotland is famous for its spectacular countryside.

A1 used to show an amount of time or distance:

We drove for miles before we found a phone box.
I've been living with my parents for a few months.

A2 in order to get or achieve something:

I've sent off for an application form.
We had to wait for a taxi.

B1 in order to help someone:

I'll carry those bags for you.

A2 on the occasion of:

We're having a party for Jim's 60th birthday.

A2 at a particular time:

I've booked a table for 9 o'clock.

A2 in exchange for something, especially an amount of money:

How much did you pay for your computer?
I'd like to change it for a smaller one.

B2 supporting or agreeing with someone or something:

Who did you vote for?
There were 16 people for the motion and 14 against.

B1 representing or working with a country, organization, etc:

He plays football for Manchester United.
She works for a charity.

A2 towards or in the direction of:

Just follow the signs for the airport.

when compared to a particular fact:

She's quite tall for her age.

A2 meaning or representing something:

What's the German word for 'cucumber'?

used to say whose responsibility something is:

I can't tell you whether you should go or not - that's for you to decide.
for all


For all her qualifications, she's useless at the job.
for all I care/know

used to say that a fact is not important to you:

He could be married by now, for all I care.
for now

used to say that something should happen or be done now but can be changed later:

Just put everything on the table for now.
be for it UK informal UK/US be in for it

to be in trouble:

If Hilary finds out I'll be for it!

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