Meaning of “head” - Learner’s Dictionary


noun [ C ] us uk /hed/
Extra Examples
head injuriesShe leaned her head on his shoulder.They held a gun to his head.She opened the window and stuck her head out.The wound on his head had begun to heal.

A1 the part of your body above your neck that contains your brain, eyes, ears, mouth, nose, etc and on which your hair grows:

He fell and hit his head on the table.

B1 your mind:

All these thoughts were going round in my head.

B1 the person who is in charge of an organization:

Her father is the head of an oil company.
SCHOOL also head teacher UK

A2 the person in charge of a school:

You'll have to ask the head if you can have a day off school.

the front or top part of something:

Who is that at the head of the table?
£10/$6, etc a head

costing £10/$6, etc for each person:

The meal costs 20 euros a head.

the side of a coin that has a picture of someone's head on it:

Heads or tails?

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