Meaning of “high” - Learner’s Dictionary


adjective us uk /haɪ/
Extra Examples
shoes with high heelsThe house is surrounded by a high fence.The van was too high to go under the bridge.The village is surrounded by high mountains.Everest is the highest mountain in the world.

A2 having a large distance from the bottom to the top:


B1 a large distance above the ground or the level of the sea:

a high shelf/window
The village was high up in the mountains.

used to say how big the distance is from the top of something to the bottom, or how far above the ground something is:

How high is it?
It's ten metres high.

B1 great in amount, size, or level:

The car sped away at high speed.

B1 very good:


B2 important, powerful, or at the top level of something:

a high rank
Safety is our highest priority.

If someone is high, they are behaving in an unusual way because they have taken an illegal drug:

The whole band seemed to be high on heroin.

A high sound or note is near the top of the set of sounds that people can hear.

high in sth

If a food is high in something, it contains a lot of it:

Avoid foods that are high in salt.

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