Meaning of “land” - Learner’s Dictionary


verb us uk /lænd/
Extra Examples
The plane ran out of fuel and had to land at sea.In spite of a bad storm, the plane landed safely.Police were waiting for the plane when it landed at Heathrow Airport.She was able to land the plane safely.The plane is due to land in Boston at 11.30.

B1 If an aircraft lands, it arrives on the ground after a journey, and if you land it, you make it arrive on the ground:

We should land in Madrid at 7 a.m.
He managed to land the helicopter on the cliff.
land in/on, etc

If an object or person lands somewhere, they fall to the ground there:

The ball landed in the neighbour's garden.
She landed flat on her back.

to get something, usually something good:

He's just landed a new job at an agency in London.

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