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adverb us uk /liːst/

B1 less than anyone or anything else:

Which car costs least?
I chose the least expensive dish on the menu.
No one, least of all (= especially not) James, is going to be angry with you.

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at least

A2 as much as, or more than, a number or amount:

You'll have to wait at least an hour.

B1 something that you say when you are telling someone about an advantage in a bad situation:

It's a small house but at least there's a garden.

used to say that someone should give a small amount of help although they do not intend to give a lot:

Even if you didn't want to send a present, you could at least have sent a card.

something that you say in order to correct something you said that was wrong:

I've seen that film. At least, I saw the beginning then I fell asleep.
not least formal


The whole trip was fascinating, not least because of the people I met.
not in the least

not at all:

I don't mind staying at home, not in the least.
→ See also last but not least

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