Meaning of “loss” - Learner’s Dictionary


noun us uk /lɒs/
Extra Examples
the closure of the factory and the loss of 400 jobsHe was recompensed for loss of earnings.She was weak from loss of blood.People suffering from hearing loss often find crowds difficult.Double glazing helps prevent heat loss.

B2 the fact of not having someone or something that you had before, or of having less of something than before:

loss of income/memory
job losses
MONEY [ C, U ]

a situation in which a company spends more money than it earns:

Both companies suffered losses this year.
DISADVANTAGE [ no plural ]

a disadvantage caused by someone leaving an organization:

It would be a great loss to the department if you left.
be at a loss

to not know what to do or say:

[ + to do sth ] I'm at a loss to explain his disappearance.
a sense of loss

sadness because someone has died or left

DEATH [ C, U ]

B2 the death of a person:

They never got over the loss of their son.

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