Meaning of “moment” - Learner’s Dictionary


noun us uk /ˈməʊmənt/
Extra Examples
If you'll bear with me a moment, I'll just find your details.I'll be with you in a moment - could you hold the line, please?Could you keep an eye on this pan of soup for a moment?He was here a moment ago - he must have wandered off.In a lucid moment, she spoke about her son.

A2 a very short period of time:

I'll be back in a moment.
For a moment I thought it was Anna.
Could you wait a moment?

B1 a point in time:

Just at that moment, the phone rang.
at the moment

A2 now:

I'm afraid she's not here at the moment.
for the moment

B2 If you do something for the moment, you are doing it now but might do something different in the future:

For the moment, let's do what we agreed to.
the moment (that)

as soon as:

I'll call you the moment I hear anything.

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