Meaning of “move” - Learner’s Dictionary


verb us uk /muːv/
Extra Examples
The upshot is that we've decided to move to Sydney.They decided to move abroad and make a fresh start.An old friend of mine has just moved nearby.Their relationship fell apart after they moved to Detroit.He was ambivalent about moving to London.

B1 If a person or an organization moves, they go to a different place to live or work:

Eventually, he moved to Germany.
She's moving into a new apartment.
Our children have all moved away.

A2 to change place or position, or to make something change place or position:

We moved the chairs to another room.
I can't cut your hair if you keep moving.
Someone was moving around upstairs.
move ahead/along/forward, etc

to make progress with something that you have planned to do:

The department is moving ahead with changes to its teaching programme.

to take action:

TIME [ T ]

to change the time or order of something:

We need to move the meeting back a few days.

B2 to make someone have strong feelings of sadness or sympathy:

[ often passive ] I was deeply moved by his speech.
Many people were moved to tears (= were so sad they cried).
→ Compare unmoved
move house UK

B1 to leave your home in order to live in a new one

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