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noun [ C ] us uk /ˈnʌmbər/
Extra Examples
I chose six - it's my lucky number.He wrote his number down on the back of an envelope.He repeated the number.Are you superstitious about the number 13?Do you want to help me pick some numbers for my lottery ticket?

A1 a symbol or word used in a counting system or used to show the position or order of something:

Think of a number smaller than 100.
Pablo's favourite number is seven.
The Prime Minister lives at number 10, Downing Street.
Look at item number three on your agenda.

A1 a group of numbers that represents something:

What's your phone number?
Each person receives a membership number when they join.

B1 an amount:

a small number of (= a few)
a large number of (= many)
There were a number of (= several) soldiers present at the rally.
Scientists have noticed a drop in the number of song birds in Britain.
→ See also cardinal number , ordinal number , phone number , telephone number

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