Meaning of “old” - Learner’s Dictionary


adjective us uk /əʊld/
Extra Examples
Many of the old buildings are still intact.The council is planning a £6 million facelift for the old harbour area.Nick loves fixing up old cars.There is a preponderance of older people in this area.I'd never put my mother in an old people's home.

A1 having lived or existed for a long time:

an old man/woman
an old house
We're all getting older.
Children should show some respect for the old.

A2 having been used or owned for a long time:

You might get dirty so wear some old clothes.

A1 used to describe or ask about someone's age:

How old are you?
She'll be 3 years old this month.
an old friend/enemy, etc

A2 someone who has been your friend/enemy, etc for a long time:

I met an old friend who I was at college with.
BEFORE [ always before noun ]

A2 used before or in the past:

I think the old system was better in many ways.
When he visits his mother, he sleeps in his old room.

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