Meaning of “part” - Learner’s Dictionary


noun us uk /pɑːt/
NOT ALL [ C, U ]

A1 one of the things that, with other things, makes the whole of something:

Part of this form seems to be missing.
That's only part of the problem.
I did French as part of my degree course.
It's all part of growing up.
You're part of the family.

More examples

take part (in sth)

B1 to be involved in an activity with other people:

She doesn't usually take part in any of the class activities.

B1 a person in a film or play:

He writes good parts for women.
He plays the part of the father.
have/play a part in sth

B2 to be one of the people or things that are involved in an event or situation:

Did you have any part in this production?
Alcohol plays a part in 60 percent of violent crime.

B2 a piece of a machine or vehicle:

aircraft parts
spare parts
HAIR [ C ] US UK parting

the line on your head made by brushing your hair in two different directions

the best/better part of sth

most of a period of time:

It took the better part of the afternoon to put those shelves up.
in part formal


He is in part to blame for the accident.
for the most part

mostly or usually:

I enjoyed it for the most part.

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