Meaning of “passage” - Learner’s Dictionary


noun uk /ˈpæsɪdʒ/ us
SPACE [ C ] also passageway, uk /ˈpæsɪdzweɪ/ us

B2 a long, narrow space that connects one place to another:

There's a passage to the side of the house, leading to the garden.

B2 a short part of a book, speech, or piece of music:

She can quote whole passages from the novel.
TUBE [ C ]

a tube in your body that allows air, liquid, etc to pass through it:

the nasal/respiratory passages
PROGRESS [ U, no plural ]

the movement or progress from one stage or place to another:

It's a difficult passage from boyhood to manhood.
the passage of time literary

the way that time passes:

Love changes with the passage of time.

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