Meaning of “plan” - Learner’s Dictionary


noun [ C ] us uk /plæn/
Extra Examples
His plan went horribly wrong.His original plan was to stay for a week, but he ended up staying for a month.The plan was vetoed by the President.He remains silent about his plans.The company has announced plans to open six new stores.

A2 an arrangement for what you intend to do or how you intend to do something:

the country's economic plan
Do you have any plans for the weekend?
The plan is that we'll buy a car once we're there.
There's been a change of plan and we're going on Wednesday instead.
Luckily, everything went according to plan (= happened the way it was planned).

B2 a drawing that shows how something appears from above or will appear from above when it is built:

a street plan.
We had a designer draw up a plan for the yard.

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