Meaning of “press” - Learner’s Dictionary


verb us uk /pres/
Extra Examples
The machine emits a high-pitched sound when you press the button.Type in the password and press return.The button fell off when I pressed it.She had the presence of mind to press the alarm.Press the buzzer and push the door to gain entry.
PUSH [ I, T ]

B1 to push something firmly:

Press the button to start the machine.
Can you press a bit harder on my shoulders, please?
He pressed his face against the window.

to try hard to persuade someone to do something:

[ + to do sth ] The committee pressed him to reveal more information.
We pressed him for an answer but he refused.
press charges

to complain officially about someone in a court of law:

The family decided not to press charges against him.

to make clothes smooth by ironing them:

I need to press these trousers.

to make something flat by putting something heavy on it for a long time:

to press fruit/flowers
press a case/claim

to try to make people accept your demands

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