Meaning of “price” - Learner’s Dictionary


noun us uk /praɪs/
Extra Examples
They have almost halved the price of flights to New York.The price includes flights and car hire.These price cuts are good news for consumers.The only drawback with this camera is the price.The price has been fixed at $10.
COST [ C ]

A2 the amount of money that you pay to buy something:

high/low prices
House prices are falling/rising.
The price of fuel has gone up again.
RESULT [ no plural ]

the unpleasant results that you must accept or experience for getting or doing something:

Suspension from the club was a high/small price to pay (= very bad/not very bad thing to experience) for his mistake.
The price of this peace will be perpetual vigilance.
at a price

If you can get something at a price, you have to pay a lot of money for it:

False passports are available, at a price.
at any price

If you want something at any price, you will do anything to get it:

She wanted the job at any price.

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