Meaning of “raise” - Learner’s Dictionary


verb [ T ] uk /reɪz/ us
Extra Examples
The pilot raises the wheel once the plane takes off.This pulley is used to raise the load.Get the animal to raise its front paw.The roof is raised using a large crane.He was ordered to raise the flag.

B1 to lift something to a higher position:

to raise your hand

B1 to increase an amount or level:

to raise prices/taxes

to improve something:

to raise standards

B2 to collect money from other people:

They're raising money for charity.
raise your voice

to speak loudly and angrily to someone

raise hopes/fears/doubts, etc

to cause emotions or thoughts:

Her answers raised doubts in my mind.
raise a question/subject, etc

B2 to start talking about a subject that you want other people to consider


B2 to look after and educate a child until they have become an adult:

Their ideas on how to raise children didn't always agree.

to make an animal or crop grow:

to raise chickens/sheep
→ See also raise the alarm

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