Meaning of “read” - Learner’s Dictionary


verb uk us /riːd/ (past tense and past participle read /red/)
WORDS [ I, T ]

A1 to look at words and understand what they mean:

What was the last book youread?
I've been reading about John F Kennedy.
[ + that ] I've read that the economy is going to improve by the end of the year.
SAY [ I, T ]

A2 to look at words that are written and say them aloud for other people to listen to:

Do you want me to read it to you?
[ + two objects ] I read him a story at bedtime.

to look at signs and be able to understand them:

Can you read music?

to show the temperature, time, etc on a piece of measuring equipment:

The thermometer read 20 degrees this morning.
→ See also lip-read

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