Meaning of “ready” - Learner’s Dictionary


adjective us uk /ˈredi/
Extra Examples
A waiter hovered at the table ready to take our order.The US signalled that they were ready to enter talks.I'm nearly ready - just give me a few minutes.I don't feel ready for a relationship at the moment.Just a sec - I'm nearly ready.
PREPARED [ never before noun ]

A1 prepared for doing something:

Give me a call when you're ready.
[ + to do sth ] Are you ready to go yet?
We're going at eight, so you've got an hour to get ready.
The army was ready for action.
AVAILABLE [ never before noun ]

A2 prepared and available to be eaten, drunk, used, etc:

Is dinner ready?
They're building new offices, but they won't be ready till next year.
When will the book be ready for publication?
be ready to do sth

to be willing to do something:

We are ready to die for our country.
→ See also rough and ready

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