Meaning of “recover” - Learner’s Dictionary


verb us uk /rɪˈkʌvər/
Extra Examples
Doctors are confident that she'll recover.It is too early to say whether he will recover completely.They thought that she would never recover.He's recovering at home after the operation.She recovered quicker than anyone was expecting.

B1 to become healthy or happy again after an illness, injury, or period of sadness:

It takes a long time to recover from surgery.
She never recovered from the death of her husband.

B2 If a system or situation recovers, it returns to the way it was before something bad happened:

The economy was quick to recover after the election.
BODY [ T ]

to be able to use or feel again part of your body which has been damaged:

He never fully recovered the use of his legs.

to get something back that has been lost or stolen:

Police recovered the stolen money.

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