Meaning of “release” - Learner’s Dictionary


verb [ T ] us uk /rɪˈliːs/
Extra Examples
He was released halfway through his prison sentence.He was released on bail.He was released on the condition that he surrendered his passport.He was released from prison with the proviso that he doesn't leave the country.The President has agreed to release the political prisoners.

B2 to allow a prisoner to be free:

Six hostages were released shortly before midday.

to stop holding someone or something:

Release the handle.

to let the public have news or information about something:

Police have not released the dead woman's name.

B2 to make a record or film available for people to buy or see:

The album is due to be released in time for Christmas.

to let a substance flow out from somewhere:

Dangerous chemicals were accidentally released into the river.

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