Meaning of “report” - Learner’s Dictionary


verb us uk /rɪˈpɔːt/
Extra Examples
Several sightings of dolphins have been reported.The newspapers are reporting that the manager has resigned.During the war she reported from Iraq.He has been assigned to report on the Royal wedding.Our political correspondent reports from Downing Street.

B1 to describe a recent event or situation, especially on television, radio, or in a newspaper:

Jo Smith reports on recent developments.
[ + that ] She reported that the situation had changed dramatically.
[ + doing sth ] A woman outside the shop reported seeing the gun.
TELL [ T ]

B1 to tell someone in authority that something has happened, especially an accident or crime:

He should have reported the accident immediately.
Have you reported the fault to a technician?

to complain about someone's behaviour to someone in authority:

I'm going to report him to the police.
Duncan's been reported for smoking.

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